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Founded in 2008, The Artiscape Magazine is an online publication based in London. It provides a news service about the art world, fed by it’s partnerships with artists, curators, art directors and other art professionals around the world.

The Artiscape Magazine breaks news across all sectors of the Arts, from visual arts, film, theatre. Working in partnership with individuals or organisations we report on upcoming events, feature artists, exhibitions and Arts projects.

The Artiscape was founded by Fiona Doyle. Fiona, an artist and a qualified secondary school art teacher is committed to promoting Arts and arts education around the world. She has BA in Art Education from the National College of Art and Design.

Also having worked  for over a decade in online marketing or web development roles she is passionate about the representation of the arts in an innovative digital format.



Fiona Doyle – Founder of The Artiscape Magazine