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Interview with artist Joesph Hawa

"Art is not only brush and paint... it is how we think, which gives us, plenty of satisfaction to be very happy in life"

Art Meets Poetry and Vice Versa

Steven Gordon Linebaugh discusses his Art The inspiration for paintings versus writing comes from the same place in the brain. For me, the stimulus is...

What is behind that empty space? Marjo Sleiderink

The geometrical essence of objects and space always has a distorted perspective, due to our own perception. Images enter our brain up side down...

Narrative Art: Everyone Likes a Good Story, Don’t They?

Narrative by - Barbara Greene Mann July, 2011 “Have we Melted yet?”  The Seer explains the terror of the tsunami and the fear that the...

Interview with a Sculptor

I like to emphasise muscle, sinew, and movement.

The story of the Toyism movement

"A style or direction in art does not arise from one day to another, but often evolves as a compliment or reaction to other styles."

” Sculpting with Words ” by Nicola Anthony

The exciting thing for me about Art is that we all experience, read and interpret it in relation to ourselves.

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