Edward Waites (English. b.1988) is a young sculptor based in Suffolk. Largely self taught, Edward specialises in animals and wildlife.

His works are mostly influenced by his passion for the world’s most powerful subjects. His aim is to capture their presence and character in his own unique style; emphasising muscle, inew and movement.

Cast into bronze and numbered in to limited editions, his work ranges from small to large scale pieces and commissions of all sizes.

Although still in his early twenties, Edward’s sculpture is collected internationally. His sculpture is acquired by a number of Royal Families and collections placed in Royal Palaces around the world.

The sculptures can be found exhibited at venues including Art Monaco in Monte Carlo.

Currently his work is represented at galleries such as W. H. Patterson in Mayfair, London.

My ideas literally just come to me, I’m very impulsive and sometimes impatient when I have an idea


Edward takes on commission based work and he has previously completed pieces for clients including Lady Bamford.

Interviewer: When did you decide to become an artist?

Edward Waites: I started selling my work when I was still at school, around the time of doing my A levels.

Interviewer: How did your training influence you?

Edward Waites: Apart from my schooling I went straight into my sculpture so I am largely self taught. Due to the nature of casting my work in bronze the training involved in that has somewhat influenced my work to date.

Interviewer: Where do you get your ideas?

Edward Waites: My ideas literally just come to me, I’m very impulsive and sometimes impatient when I have an idea. The power presence and form of the animals I sculpt is such that I feel I don’t need to add on extra abstract representation upon this.

Interviewer: What artist or artists inspired you?

Edward Waites: Rembrandt Bugatti

Interviewer: Is there symbolic imagery in your work?

Edward Waites: Yes. I like to emphasise muscle, sinew, and movement.

Interviewer: How do you choose your subjects?

Edward Waites: All my subjects have been animals to date apart from a bust I have just finished for a Client. I mostly like focussing on big powerful animals. I will be doing some more figurative work at some point in the near future.

Interviewer: Can you describe what informs your subject matter?

Edward Waites: Animals have always had a huge part to play in our history, heritage and our current lifestyle.

Interviewer: Why do you choose your particular medium?

Edward Waites: Bronze casting has been around since Grecian times and the process hasn’t changed much to this day. It involves many skilled labour hours on each piece which gives the medium the prestige and value is deserves.

Interviewer: Have you any upcoming shows exhibits? Where?

Animal Art Fair River Side Walkway South Bank London, May 2012 16th – 20th


Please do not hesitate to contact Edward to view his work or discuss a potential commission.