Born and bred in Kenya, Fiona Campbell now lives and works in Somerset. She graduated with distinction in Fine Art, Sculpture from the Byam Shaw School of Art, London, later gaining a PGCE at Exeter University. 

Her work reflects an interest in our relationship with the natural world, nature’s cyclical persistence, vitalism and the essence of life.  Fiona creates mixed media sculptures wrought as primal, linear, nest-like structures often in an apparent state of emergence, growth or metamorphosis.  A mix of delicate and strong, earthy and ethereal, they are often an extension of her drawings.

Fiona works in a linear way, constructing drawings in space.  Instinctive building processes such as wrapping, weaving and layering become a form of 3d mark making.  The raw energy, longevity and varied patinas of steel, copper and wire have an interesting connection with other found and recycled materials.  She likes the concept of reusing things, giving them a rebirth and the playfulness of creating forms from given shapes.

Alongside Fiona’s practice as an artist, she teaches, runs community projects and holds artist-in-residence posts.  Awards include the Atkinson Gallery Summer Show ’11 prize and

Awards include the Atkinson Gallery Summer Show ’11 prize and 3d award for David Shepherd’s Wildlife Artist of the Year ‘09, London.

Fiona‘s Green Capital Artist Residency for Bristol’s Big Green Week ’12, involved exhibitions at the Create Centre, Arnolfini and floating sculptures for the harbour.

Recently, Fiona was commissioned by Somerset Art Works & National Garden Scheme to create site-specific artworks for the Abundance Garden Trail.

Fiona co-founded the Scraptors group, installing a sculpture trail together at Stourhead National Trust Estate (’11) and Magdalen Project (’13).   She is the East Mendip Rep for SAW and member of SPAEDA, BANA and Gallery4Art.