OPENING PERIODS: 18 MARCH / 14 APRIL 2016 18 MAY / 25 JUNE 2016
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The exhibition FOUR DIMENSIONS aims to present the work of four different artists through artworks which serve as starting point for knowledge and in-depth examination of four personalities and their peculiar sensitivities and creative dimensions, also with the intention to investigate the characteristic ways in which each of the four authors perceives, interprets and projects in his / her elaborations the three spatial dimensions and the temporal one.

The show will be open during two periods: from 18 March to 14 April and from 18 May to 25 June 2016.

Francesco Candeloro I Tempi della Luce Skitaca Stampa lambda su carta fotografica © 2015

Francesco Candeloro (Venice, IT, 1974) has recently exhibited at Red Stamp Art Gallery on the occasion of his solo show and Dutch premiere OTHER LIGHTS. He places at the core of his research light and colour by using them as clues to deepen spatial and temporal dynamics; for Candeloro “art is a vision of time”, vision which he returns us for example, but not only, through the transparencies of the coloured diaphragms of plexiglass of the surfaces of his various types of artworks.

These, through their ways to place and dislocate themselves spatially, give life to interweaves of interactions and developments, becoming filters of connection with the dimension of time by means of their special relationship with the light source, with its change over the temporal pass of days and seasons and with its infinite variety of natural and artificial emanations.

Light and colour, space and time, sign and shape, proportion, rhythm and movement, eye and gaze on people and places are the keystones of the artistic investigation and production of Francesco Candeloro; the artist looks for “multiple and multiplied visions ” to give us back and manifest the inner and authentic essence of the continuous flow of the real.

Transparency, reflection, layering, multiplicity and coexistence of levels are part of his visual universe, which brings into being an observation that runs through and leads to interconnection and simultaneous perception different elements, united in an open network of relations and interferences:
all the artist’s production, articulated into several series, testifies this intent, from the installations in the architectures and the ambient neon lights, to the works of the “Mirroring doubles” dedicated to urban skylines, to the “multidimensional” pieces of the series “Prisms”, till the dynamic trajectories of drawings and colours unfolded on wall of the works “Book”, as “Directions”.

On show at Red Stamp Art Gallery one of the coloured cubic portraits of the series “Eyes” and some photographic works of the cycle “Times of the light”, where the factors light and time are the truly sought protagonists which infuse the image, captured by means of long exposure times, with a wider and airy scope, to contain a longer time than that of a single and quick instant of shot.

Francesco Candeloro has exhibited internationally in numerous solo and collective exhibitions and installations in architectural and landscape contexts; his works are part of important private and public collections.

We recall here in summary: the solo show “City of cities” at Fortuny Museum in Venice in 2010 and the participation in 2015, in in the same venue, to the prestigious exhibition “Proportio”; in 2010 “Intimate Places”, site-specifc intervention by the Palladian Villa Pisani Bonetti (Bagnolo di Lonigo, Vicenza, IT);
in 2011 the installation “Places of Time” at Cordusio Unicredit Palace (Milan, IT) and the personal exhibition “Oblique” by the Ambrosetti Foundation for Contemporary Art (Palazzolo sull’Oglio, Brescia, IT);
in 2014 the presence in the IV Edition of the Contemporary Art Biennial “Del Fin del Mundo” (Argentina and Chile) and the show at Neuer Kunstverein in Aschaffeburg, Germany;
in 2015/2016 the exhibition “Arte Fiera 40 – History of a Collection” at MAMbo, Museum of Modern Art of Bologna, IT.

Armida Gandini – Still frame from the video “Ask her how it went” – © 2015

Armida Gandini (Brescia, IT, 1968), at her second exhibition in the Netherlands, exposes on the occasion of FOUR DIMENSIONS for the first time at Red Stamp Art Gallery, introducing the video artwork “Ask her how it went”.

It was produced in 2015 expressly for a site-specific intervention for “Secrets – Traces of Memory”, event that in 2016 reached the VIII Edition in the evocative setting of the Grimaldina Tower of Genoa Ducal Palace ; the artist was presented to Art Commission Events, organizer of the show, by Red Stamp Art Gallery, in collaboration with curator Marco Nember.

The theme of identity in relation to the world is at the center of Armida Gandini’ s research and occupies a prominent place in her projects, which are developed by means of different languages such as photography, drawing, installation and video.

The dimensions of space and time by her investigated are mainly of mental nature: the space is often represented in her works as an undefined white field with no coordinates and directional references or, as in the case of the displayed sequence, as context extrapolated from the worldly and transported to an abstract dimension;
it’s a space conceived and presented by Armida Gandini as a symbolic site, blank page and suspended situation open to anything that can then be marked, written, imagined , a sort of “theater of the conscience” of happenings, actions, appearances.

Within these conceptual parameters, mirrors of interiorly lived dynamics, the temporal sense is that of the liquid and circular time of the psyche, where the personality of each one is defined by the stratification of experiences, memories, acts, meetings, obstacles, fears, visions and intents, in which each arrival, achievement or conquest is always the beginning of something new and unpredictable to be encountered and faced through own resources and intimate unity of an individuality that has been gradually built along the personal experiences.

In the video “Ask her how it went” the scheme of the universally known “Hopscotch” game, drawn by the little girl with a chalk on the cobbles, is a metaphor of place of experience and existence, personal and sacred space that everyone carves for himself in the world; this story highlights and tells, during the virtual passing of a week, the power of the intention expressed through the sign, in this case of the firm and steadfast determination in defending the own unique sphere by means of the undaunted repeating of a mark with ever growing obstinacy despite the cancellation by external agents:
intrinsic strength of a gesture that acts to outline an imprint and ultimately leads to the persistence of the memory through the time by means of traces in the space, which sometimes are evident and clear and others just indicative clues.

Armida Gandini has exhibited internationally in various galleries and institutions, among which in Italy: Flash Art Museum, Trevi, Perugia, 2006; GAMeC, Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery, Bergamo, 2007; MART Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto, 2010; CRAC Research Centre of Contemporary Art, Cremona, 2004. Her artworks are present in private and public collections such as: Boccaccio Foundation (Certaldo, Florence), Combat Prize (Livorno), MAC Museum of Contemporary Art in Lissone (Monza and Brianza), MAGA Art Museum of Gallarate (Varese); in 2014 she won the “Visible White” award of Celeste Prize for the section “Best single work”.

Marilena Vita – Still frame from the video “Ella Esto” – © 2012

Marilena Vita (Syracuse, IT, 1972) exhibited for the first time in the Netherlands in 2014 on the occasion of her solo show SLEEPLESS SOUL at Red Stamp Art Gallery. The artist employs more mediums (painting, installation, photography, video art, performance) with the common purpose of bringing to light, to the existence in the real world, universes and circumstances that she encountered in the private ambit of the soul, in the intimacy of the psyche, to allow herself and the viewers to deal with conditions and experiences which belong to the collective imagination and to the universal emotional sphere.
For Marilena Vita the spatial dimension is in first instance enacted through her body, in staging her performances or by entering into situations where she establishes the set and acts as the subject of photographic shots; in these contexts her physicality seems to increasingly penetrate in an elsewhere gifted with an almost fairy-tale, but not surreal allure: it’s a transfigured spacetime of events recalled from the depth of her imaginative senses and transported as an epiphany in the present of a one-time action or of occurrences which are evoked by images.

Marilena Vita - Still frame from video -M-a-t-e-r
Marilena Vita – Still frame from video -M-a-t-e-r

These scenes appear to the surface through the narration of a conscience, continuously looking for the reflected vision of a self that transmutes while immersing in different states. As she said, through her works she explores “the relationship that exists between space, time and memory”; she is fascinated by the ephemeral nature of the instant, by the unrepeatable moment that she captures through the self-timer or acts in happenings as an image from which new and varied readings can branch out, depending on the subjective interpretation given by each one to complete what in the work is indefinite by means of a personal explanation.

On display at FOUR DIMENSIONS four photographic images of still frames from videos and the sequence “Space”, which specifically depicts the perception, contemporary material and interior, of the space, through the movement of the body in a time that, in the staged situation, seems imprisoned by physical boundaries. Marilena Vita has realized with the writer Gérard-Georges Lemaire a work by four hands: the artist’s book in 12 editions “DIA-LOGO” (published by Miartè, Catania), consisting of photographic works by the artist and tales by the French author by them inspired .

The volume, presented for the first time in January 2016 at Mudima Foundation in Milan and in February at Spazio 46 in Doge’s Palace of Genoa, will be introduced to the public in several upcoming appointments among which one will take place at Red Stamp Art Gallery in Amsterdam.

Marilena Vita has exhibited internationally in numerous personal and group exhibitions in galleries and museums, among which in Italy the solo shows at: SACS Gallery of Museum Riso in Palermo (Museum of Contemporary Art of Sicily), 2011; MLAC, Laboratory Museum of Contemporary Art of the University La Sapienza of Rome, 2011; Benedictine Museum in Catania, 2012.

In 2004 she won the competition “Terre in Moto” with a permanent installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Gibellina (Trapani) and in 2013 the ORA International Prize. Her works are present in private and public collections; currently the artist is exhibiting at the First Edition of the Industrial Art Biennial in Labin (Croatia).

Christian Zanotto – Holographic Theca / Animated virtual sculpture”Aktor” / Digital mixed media – © 2014

Christian Zanotto (Marostica, Vicenza, IT, 1972) has already exhibited at Red Stamp Art Gallery in various solo and group exhibitions, among which in 2012 the personal show AsAbaroK.

His artworks are characterized by a strong aesthetic and visual impact and investigate the nature and the mystery of existence and the archetypal field of the psyche: it’s a sometimes metaphysical approach, which aims to deepen studies about perception, implying the intention of a psychological and emotional involvement of the public with the purpose to stimulate reactions and personal reflections.

OLYMPIA # 3 - Christian Zanotto - 1200px
OLYMPIA # 3 – Christian Zanotto © 2016

Christian Zanotto’s artistic research goes further traditional mediums to create a technical and conceptual fusion of material and immaterial, of the virtual world with that of tradition, to explore the ways in which they interrelate. He’s a master of the digital arts and molds, by means of various programs, intangible sculptures, elegant figures which he materializes on panels of crystal or translates, through animation, in video sequences and holographic installations: audiovisual creations which confront the viewer with another ambit, adjacent, parallel and co-present with the one commonly perceived, a staging of the multiple levels of reality.

The figuration is constituted by one of a kind images, new icons of the digital era belonging to a fluid spacetime typical of artist’s poetics, where the future of technologies finds its most intense expression in the relation with the history of art.

Christian Zanotto interacts and works with the virtual domain and the impalpable dimension “beyond the screen”, an elsewhere by imponderable extension with which he leads the spectator to measure himself through his artworks, places of reflections, thresholds that interface with that parallel universe.

Space and time are for Christian Zanotto both those incorporeal and others of the digital world and those mysterious and absolute of the deep and dense black cosmos from which his enigmatic entities emerge and to which they belong: a temporality that goes beyond the sphere of the human and is almost frozen in the static poses of hieratic and fascinating characters with complex and precious details or chained in the circular loop of sculptures of light animated in movements of perpetual return to a starting point. On display at FOUR DIMENSIONS three artworks on crystal and a holographic theca; it’s upcoming the presentation of his new solo show at Red Stamp Art Gallery.

Awarded in Milan in 2007 with the “Prize for Digital Art” ” of the “Prize of the Arts – Prize of the Culture”, Christian Zanotto has exhibited internationally in numerous solo and group shows; his works are part of several private collections.

Among the exhibitions we mention in brief: Alessandria Biennial, IT, 2008; “Responses in Time”, Georgia Museum of Art, Athens (Georgia, USA), 2012; BI.MA. IV – Fourth International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Malindi, Kenya, 2012/2013; “Ghost in the machine & celestial mechanics”, Kinetica Museum, London, UK, 2014; “Acqua è” EXPO Venice, AQUAE Pavilion, Venice, 2015; “MADATAC VII”, Contemporary Audio Visual & New Media Arts Festival, Cybele’s Palace, Madrid, ES, 2016; “Secret – Traces of Memory”, Grimaldina Tower, Doge’s Palace, Genoa, IT, 2016.

It’s recent the artist’s participation to the installational event “Visions on the Border”, in collaboration with artist Luisa Mazza, presented on occasion of the festival “In the Places of the Beauty” VI Edition and “Noto 2016”, in the Former St. Catherine’s Church, Noto (Syracuse, IT).


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18 May / 25 June 2016
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