Joseph’s early interest in art began with the Impressionist and representational styles in which he excelled in. He studied under nationally known artist and instructor, the late Irving Shapiro.

Joseph graduated from The American Academy of Art in Chicago followed by further studies done at North Western University.

In 1977, Joseph moved to Orange County, California, where he fell in love with contemporary art, this is where he could represent his heart and feelings, his ultimate goal. It was through this style where he could invent and be fully creative to paint whatever he thought, not to paint whatever he sees…


From that point he started to feel that he was a new person, his creativity made him “feel alive”, and very productive in his art. “Art is not just about brush and paint… it is how we think, which gives us, plenty of satisfaction to be very happy in life.”

“I believe the feelings and emotions expressed in my paintings are much more important than the subject matter. I hope that the viewer will feel my paintings as well as see them”

Interviewer: When did you decide to become an artist?
Joesph Hawa: When I was 6 years old.

Interviewer: How did your training influence you?

Joesph Hawa: My elder brother was an artist, he trained me very early, since I was a little boy.

Interviewer: Where do you get your ideas?

Joesph Hawa: From nature or from reading books & art magazines.

Interviewer: What artist or artists inspired you?
Joesph Hawa: I was influenced by Henry Matisse. I liked his freedom of compositions & the use of his bright colours.

Interviewer: Is there symbolic imagery in your work?

Joesph Hawa: I do lots of abstracts & also landscapes/ all my artworks are based on “basic design” plus composition, harmony, and colours.

I chose the subject if I like the natural composition, or I may change the composition to fit my taste, in landscapes or any other figure drawings or design.

Interviewer: Can you describe what informs your subject matter?

Joesph Hawa: Many years of painting, either in bold expression or sensitive heartfelt emotions

Interviewer: Why do you choose your particular medium?

Joesph Hawa: I paint with all mediums but now I prefer acrylics, because it dries fast & leaves odour & easy to clean & it is not a life hazard.

Interviewer: Have you any upcoming shows exhibits? Where?

Joesph Hawa: Yes, I am going to have a show in Zurich, Switzerland, in the summer.