Lorraine Fossi grew up in Paris into a family of architects. She studied architecture at the ‘Beaux Arts’ and graduated in 1989. She moved to London in 2000 and it is here that from an architect she turned into a compulsive painter.

Her early work explores the sea as a subject of abstraction and something to freeze and capture – these abstract seascapes were exhibited and sold during solo shows that she organised herself (2010 -2013). In April 2013, she caught the attention of the press and media with a captivating subject: The Royal Iris, an historic Mersey Ferry Boat.

That is when she realised how important it was for her to join art and life, and to bring together people who would not normally mix to look at an art project.

“At this time I wanted to broaden my subject matter, my materials and my theoretical ideas. I also wanted to change the way I was encountering the work of others. That’s how I chose to go ‘back to school’ and won a place for MA Fine Art (2013-2015) at City & Guilds of London Art School.”

Since she entered the course her work has moved totally from representational painting in reconnecting with the culture and the influences she received since an early age.

“My studio itself has gained the status of a work, in that art and life, work and play are merging.”

The new body of works will be presented for the first time to a large public on September 9, at the City & Guilds Art School MA Final Show.

Lorraine is also taking part in a group Exhibition which runs from 4th to 28th of June

Art Below Summer Show 2015