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Alexander “Sasha” Sergeeff

Russian-born artist Alexander “Sasha” Sergeef, known for painting the lavish homes and families of the aristocracy and celebrities, will exibit again in a gallery...

We were there: Conflict Café

Kicking off a season of events based around Syria: a conflict explored, the Imperial War Museum, London hosted a pop-up Café: Conversations about Syria. There...

Looking back … step in stone

Fiona Campbell looks back over July - October project: It’s been a very intense and challenging few months. Incredible seeing step in stone through to...

Stuckism – Revelations of a Revolution.

I thought, like many people, that they were merely a bunch of crazy artists

Art In Motion

In Japan the crane bird is a very symbolic animal. He is symbolic for peace, love, solidarity, luck and a new beginning

Turner prize 2017 to be presented in Hull City

As a highlight of Hull UK city of culture 2017, this year’s Turner prize will be presented at the Ferens Art Gallery in Hull. The Turner...

Discovering Myanmar’s contemporary art culture with Marie-Pierre Mol

After decades of self-imposed isolation by a military-dominated regime, Myanmar/ Burma (a former British colony from 1824 to 1948) finally opened up in 2010....

Ex parte – Take the tour

Ex parte – What are experiences of those who have travelled from their homeland to another, and can examine at once, the perspectives of...

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